Sunday, September 6, 2015

aqua colored contact lenses

aqua colored contact lenses Do not just choose the color contact lenses, girls! Match used the same skin color, let your appearance does not seem excessive and make your face look weird. Color contact lenses are right to highlight the color of your skin and brighten your eyes, you know!

Clear Skin
For you are light-skinned or white, suitable use any color. However, the color tone is best to contact lenses grayish or bluish. Let your looks more fresh, choose bright colors that tend to be glossy like turquoise, aqua or violet can make your eyes seem more alive.

Brown skin
Key color contact lenses for dark brown or tanned skin is shades of gray, honey (honey brown color) and hazel (light brown, a little yellow). If you wanta try using blue, dark navy blue color select the content gray.

Dark skin
The choice of colors brown, purple, dark green or dark gray color can accentuate the beauty of your skin. You did match the colors of autumn dim. Remember, avoid contact lenses with colors that are too bright, yes!

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